Friday, November 26, 2010

Non-BCS Standouts Part 1- UNLV vs. Tulsa

This contest was decided in the second half after the UNLV Rebels put their tremendous experience and defensive pressure on display. Not only does the majority of their backcourt remain in tact, but they also have added some height and strength inside. UNLV is a strong candidate to make the NCAA tournament again. On the other end, Tulsa is looking to rebuild after losing Jerome Jordan and Ben Uzoh to graduation.


Chase Stanback- This 6'8 UCLA transfer could be the best NBA prospect in the Mountain West conference. (along with Kawhi Leonard) He is a tall, lengthy wing who can step out and hit the perimeter jumper and also attack the basket. While he should look to improve his handle, Stanback is a handful from beyond the arc and uses this ability to keep defenses honest. In general, Stanback is a solid athlete who should be able to translate at the next level. On the defensive end, Chase is capable of defending multiple positions. He is fairly quick laterally, and can get his hands in the passing lanes. Overall, Stanback is a pretty complete player who needs to develop physically in order to handle the superior strength and athleticism of NBA opponents. If Stanback can continue his shooting from beyond the arc, he should be in consideration for the first round in this year's draft.

Derrick Jasper- Jasper is a powerful guard/forward who is capable of attacking the basket or crashing the boards for an offensive rebound and putback. Jasper is extremely aggressive inside, and is a capable three point shooting threat. Offensively, he does not have the quickest first step, but he is still able to consistently throw defenses off balance. Jasper is a hustle player who runs the floor and exerts maximum effort on the defensive end. At this stage of his career, Jasper simply needs to be more consistent on the offensive end in order to get looks at the next level. Jasper does not have a defined position, and it will be interesting to see how he measures at the Portsmouth pre-draft combine. All in all, Jasper does not have a defined position and lacks the quickness to keep defenses honest at the NBA level. However, he does have the desire and skill level to be effective if he is able to elevate his game next year. Look for him to gain experience in the D League before he receives any looks from NBA squads.

Carlos Lopez- This 6'11 freshman forward may have a future as an NBA prospect if he is able to develop physically. Lopez possesses the frame to put on a good deal of weight. Currently, he plays with tenacity and is aggressive attacking the basket. His post repertoire is not fully developed, and he needs to improve his go-to post moves. On the other end, Lopez has a great deal of potential with his size and length. He is able to play positional defense, but needs to learn how to stay out of foul trouble. Look for Lopez to be on draft radars over the next couple of years.


Steven Idlet- NBA scouts are giving this 7 footer a look because of his soft touch and physical profile. Idlet is capable of stepping out and hitting the perimeter jump shot just inside the college three point arc. If he were to audition for the NBA, he would have to extend his range. Idlet also has a nice post game that could still stand to be more effective. He must develop more counter moves and look to establish post position more aggressively. However, this will always be an area of weakness for Idlet at the next level because of his lack of lower body development. On the defensive end, Idlet is unafraid of bigger players and is a capable positional defender as well. He also has decent lateral mobility for a player his size. Despite these strengths, Idlet is still a major project because of his thin build and extremely poor rebounding ability for a player his size. If he wants to be considered by scouts, he must corral more lose balls and grab some rebounds for his team.

Scottie Haralson- Haralson is another big guard in the typical Tulsa mold- similar to Hurtt and Udoh before him. He is a capable three point shooter, but is somewhat undersized. He can get in the paint and hit the runner as well. Despite these strengths, Haralson should look to be more consistent on both ends of the floor- he has a tendency to become complacent in games. He must demand the ball at times and look to shoot whenever there is an opening. Haralson may receive some NBA looks down the road, as he is only a sophomore.

Justin Hurtt- Hurtt is the unquestioned leader of his Tulsa squad who must look to run the point if he has any hopes of playing at the next level. While he is a capable shooter, Hurtt must look to facilitate for his teammates and let his offense come to him. Hurtt is extremely strong and is able to aggressively attack the basket and draw contact. He should improve upon his poor assist to turnover ratio and continue to attack the basket. Hurtt is a typical tweener who could receive an invitation to Portsmouth Camp, but this is not a guarantee unless he is able to lead Tulsa to a postseason appearance.

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