Sunday, November 21, 2010

Minor League Fantasy Basketball Team: Elmwood Park Tree Frogs

Elmwood Park Tree Frogs

Arena: New Arena Plan because of a lack of basketball venues in area

Marketing Plan: To use promotions to the fullest to appeal to different clientele in Bergen County. Placed in a more urban town, on Route 46, our location is at the crossroad of Paterson and the more upscale residents in the Bergen County markets. In order to draw more fans, we would have to bring in promotions for different local artists who may be popular in the area to perform at halftime. We would like to attract different target markets by arranging the mini-arena so that there can be different price points for seating, such that we can attract different classes of people to the same venue. We would like to attract particular demographic audiences, so we might want to have half time shows dedicated to a particular culture- preferably either the long-standing Italian cultural presence or the growing Spanish population in the area, depending on the night.

The major objective in placing this team at its current location is to bring together crowds from both the up-scale neighborhoods of New Jersey, while also offering season tickets so that other working class families can attend. We have a broad marketing strategy, but are looking to attract niche markets whenever we cater to a specific group through our half time performers and special nights.

In the offseason, the facility would be rented out for high school sports in the Bergen County area. Further, the arena should be such that it can support more sports than basketball. Such a multi-functional arena could serve as a venue for sports clubs across the area, and top teams might travel to practice at this facility- there are quite a bit of private schools in the surrounding area to draw from. Moreover, we are looking to attract some good family fun following the exodus of the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, which we have identified as a market opportunity. With limited professional basketball options in the immediate area, individuals and families alike may travel to see a game if the franchise is promoted effectively enough. College basketball has yet to make a resurgence in the Tri-State area and thus, Elmwood Park would be a prime location for a community oriented minor league squad.

In terms of the style of play: we are going to have depth at every possible position and try to have notable team chemistry. That means that we are going to bring in some system players to fill late-draft roster spots. Management has experience in promoting minor league basketball in the past, and we hope that we can continue to be successful.

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