Friday, November 26, 2010

Houston Baptist vs. Alaska Anchorage

In this close contest, the home squad at the Great Alaska Shootout got the win.

Houston Baptist

Andrew Gonzalez- This thin wing did not flash the potential that he evinced in previous contests. He shot poorly from the floor and turned the ball over primarily due to his poor ball handling. As a senior, he does not possess the muscle mass to play as a professional basketball player. He must hit the weight room so that he can assert himself physically- this will allow him to be stronger with the basketball. Despite his underdeveloped frame, Gonzalez is able to draw contact when he is not struggling with foul trouble. Despite his early season shooting, Gonzalez needs to develop physically in order to make an impact at the next level, which will probably be in a minor league somewhere.

Michael Moss- Moss is a diminutive point guard who is feisty on the defensive end. In this contest, he was effective passing the ball and was an essential part of the HBU half court press. Moss has a pretty jump shot, which he showcased in this game. He is able to get his feet set and spot up when driving to the basket. Defensively, Moss creates turnovers with his aggressiveness and anticipation. If he wishes to play beyond this year, he might be able to make a PBL roster.

Miles Dixon- This guard shot well from the floor and was able to penetrate in the lane. Dixon was also aggressive on the defensive end and was able to collect two steals against UAA. He generally played within control, but should have demanded the ball more on offense. His turnovers did hurt the team though. Look for his development over the next couple of years.

Alaska Anchorage

Brandon Walker- Walker had a standout game and was able to shoot the ball well from beyond the arc, hitting 4 out of 7 three point shots. He also controlled the tempo for most of the game, and was able to pass out of traffic. Even though this occurred most of the time, he did succumb to the solid HBU perimeter defense at times. With that said, Walker was able to limit HBU's guards and was solid on the defensive end.

Mario Gill- This guard had a solid game and was able to score inside against HBU's frontline. Gill played way taller than his 6'2 size and was able to collect 9 rebounds. Normally, he is a solid three point shooter who can fill it up from beyond the arc, but he had an off game here. Gill has solid athleticism and nice physical tools, which he uses to exploit defenses.

Taylor Rohde- Rohde got into foul trouble and was not as much of a factor as he normally is on the offensive end. However, he was able to rebound well and play within himself when his team had the ball. Rohde should improve his handle and work on asserting himself more on the offensive end. Defensively, he was not particularly effective and tended to make silly plays on the ball.

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