Saturday, November 27, 2010

D League Notes: Maine Red Claws vs. Austin Toros

-Kevin Palmer is an efficient scorer who can hit his open three point shots. He did not force the issue and scored in a variety of ways off the curl etc. Look for him as a call-up candidate this season. His handle seems to have improved a bit since his college days and he was able to get out in transition.

-Marcus Cousin has demonstrated noticeable improvements from his college days. He was the first player in this contest to reach double figures, and he has fought on the glass all night long. Not only did he dominate Gallon and Rolle on the glass, but he also stepped out and hit the medium range jumper. Looks like a call-up candidate to me.

-Paul Harris is his usual self- corralling offensive rebounds and utilizing his tremendous athleticism. He has excellent hang time and slashing instincts. One noticeable change has been Harris's work on his shooting form on free throws. While his outside shots are still flat, his form looks a little better. He still has a ways to go before he can play in the league as a shooting guard, but he is extremely explosive and is able to get by defenders.

-Michael Joiner is a valuable team player who is a willing passer and an excellent rebounder. He has a nice ability to step out and hit the jumper as well. He is a physical presence on both ends of the floor. Joiner was one of the most impressive team options because he was able to hustle to loose balls and create extra possessions for his team.

-Magnum Rolle tried to do too much in this contest. He did a poor job boxing out on the glass, and took away from his team's effort. He shot one-and-done jumpers and was unable to convert on any of them. With that said, he does still have tremendous athleticism and potential on the defensive end.

-Thomas Gardner is a pretty intelligent veteran who was able to attack the basket when his shot was not falling. He is a willing passer and team player, but needs to be more consistent shooting his jumper if he is going to receive any 10 day contracts this season. He looked to take over the game down the stretch.

-Cardell Johnson plays within himself and is a solid point guard. Defensively,he is extremely aggressive, but players are able to shoot over him due to his small size.

-Champ Oguchi could have been one of the more consistent jump shooters in this contest. He answered in this game and hit several threes down the stretch for his team. Oguchi is a strong guard who can absorb contact attacking the basket.

-Eugene Spates was extremely impressive scoring the ball inside and being aggressive. He was one of the best weapons in the post for the Red Claws.

-Lewis Clinch has a very quick first step and is unselfish with the basketball. Whether or not he has a defined NBA position remains to be seen.

-Lawrence Westbrook is a good shooter but he needs to play under control.

-Lance Thomas was still playing team basketball in this one- drawing charges and tallying rebounds.

-Tiny Gallon has a lot of potential and will probably make the NBA within the next few years. His footwork is fairly underrated for a player his size, and he is mobile considering his build. Gallon needs to continue to cut weight in order to be able to match up with some of the quicker big men of the NBA. Gallon was able to collect rebounds, but he did turn the ball over and got outplayed by Cousin.

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