Friday, December 2, 2011

Small School Review: Chad Burridge

In this edition of my segment "Small School Review", I cover Oswego St.'s Chad Burridge.

Upon reviewing tape of Oswego St.'s Chad Burridge, it becomes clear that he is a very good athlete and that his game could translate overseas. On the offensive end, Burridge is difficult to contain because he has a good faceup game and can shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor. Burridge evinces solid form on his jump shot and gets a decent lift. While he did not connect on his attempts in this game, it was clear that he was rushing his shots. Not only was his form solid, but he also displayed a nice stroke at the line, where he connected on several attempts.

Moreover, Burridge does a solid job of creating contact off the dribble and drawing fouls. While he did not finish through contact in his contest with Potsdam University, he is a quick leaper and was fairly explosive. This should translate at the next level if he hopes to play as an undersized forward. With that said, he did not display much of a back-to-the-basket game, which is essential if he hopes to make a roster overseas. Due to his raw post game, Burridge may look to transition to the wing. If he does hope to become a wing player, he must stop rushing his perimeter shot- as this is the main reason why Burridge isn't shooting higher than 36.4% from behind the arc.

In terms of his intangibles, Burridge is willing to hustle to loose balls. He is also a decent passer for his size. And, even though he has the appropriate physical tools, Burridge does not have great box out fundamentals and thereby is not much of a rebounding threat.

On the defensive end, Oswego St. plays zone often so it is really difficult to gauge Burridge's potential. However, he did make some nice weakside blocks, pinning the ball on the glass. With that said, Burridge failed to close out on some perimeter shooters, but this was more likely due to a lack of consistent effort rather than an inability to contest shots. In terms of lateral movement, Burridge did not seem particularly quick, but he did utilize his length to compensate.

Overall, Burridge is a good athlete at the Division III level with a chance to compete at some professional level. He will be able to stretch defenses with his shot and his quick leaping ability will allow him to contest shots on the defensive end. Burridge has good potential coming out of Oswego St. and should be someone to keep an eye on if he can continue to refine his post game.

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