Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scouring the Nation (Part 3)

In this edition of "Scouring the Nation", I examine Benedict College big man Marcus Goode and his potential at the next level.

When noting the professional potential of Benedict big man Marcus Goode, the first thing that comes to mind is his high skill level for his size. Standing at 6'10 and weighing 295 lbs, Goode is a handful to contain in the paint. He displays some good face-up moves and can hit fadeaway shots in the paint if double teams come. However, when facing a single defender, he generally uses his girth to muscle his way inside. While- in his contest with USC Aiken- it was difficult to gauge Goode's level of post footwork, it is clear that he has strides to make in this facet of his game. He could stand to employ more drop step moves on the block. With that said, he is deceptively nimble when spinning in the post to get his shot off.

Additionally, Goode has excellent potential due to his ability to step out and hit long range shots. He displays good shooting form with solid lift, and has a soft touch for a player of his size. As such, it is clear that he will be able to stretch defenses at the next level, wherever that may be. Further, Goode is an exceptional passer for his size, able to make difficult high post feeds through traffic. Not only is he unselfish, but he displays excellent vision. Therein, if he is not able to play professionally in the United States, he has the basketball intellect to succeed overseas.

Goode has decent instincts on the glass, and employs his considerable girth to weed out players, particularly on the defensive boards. At the next level, he must become more aggressive boxing out and sealing his man in order to establish position. At this stage, he tends to not exert a great enough effort in this area due to his conditioning.

On the defensive end, Goode is certainly a work in progress. He is somewhat nimble moving his feet considering his size, but he must improve his conditioning in order to challenge on this end. As it currently stands, Goode struggles to stay in front of offensive players and will get beat down the floor by better conditioned athletes. Goode does not have the best 'help defense' instincts and tends to stick with one man. He will also likely never become an elite level shot blocker at the next level despite the fact that he ranked second in DII in this category last year.

All in all, Marcus Goode has tremendous potential and is a top 5 professional prospect outside of Division I. He has the height and skill level to succeed at the next level, but must drop about 40 to 50 pounds in order to play at the highest level possible. He does have another season of eligibility, and his progress this coming offseason will determine whether or not he will receive looks from the NBA and the highest levels of European basketball.

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