Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 30 Prospects Outside D1

The following is a list of the top 30 basketball prospects outside of Division 1. This list incorporates multiple levels and spans NCAA Division 2, NCAA Division 3, and NAIA Division 1. Prospects have a chance to rise in their conference tournaments, but the following is a composite ranking based on this season's performances. This list took considerable scouting time and some statistical analysis. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

1. Karron Johnson, Junior, Shaw University, Division 2
2. Lamonte Thomas, Senior, Johnson & Wales, Division 3
3. AJ Matthews, Junior, Farmingdale St., Division 3
4. Marcus Goode, Junior, Benedict College, Division 2
5. Jeremy Kendle, Junior, Bellarmine University, Division 2
6. Travis Hyman, Senior, Bowie St., Division 2
7. Eric Frederick, Senior, Texas Wesleyan, NAIA Division 1
8. Ken Brown, Senior, Philander Smith, NAIA Division 1

9. Cardell McFarland, Senior, Kentucky Wesleyan, Division 2
10. Temi Adebayo, Senior, Philadelphia University, Division 2
11. Tyrone Shelley, Senior, Georgetown College, NAIA Division 1
12. Malik Alvin, Senior, Shaw University, Division 2
13. LA Farmer, Senior, Arkansas Monticello, Division 2
14. Anthony Young, Senior, Kentucky Wesleyan, Division 2
15. Cody Schilling, Senior, Augustana Sd., Division 2
16. Teondre Williams, Senior, Clayton St., Division 2
17. Braydon Hobbs, Senior, Bellarmine University, Division 2
18. Jet Chang, Senior, BYU-Hawaii, Division 2

19. Travis Wilkins, Junior, St. Catharine College, NAIA Division 1
20. Keane Thoman, Senior, Missouri Southern, Division 2
21. Antonio Smith, Senior, Shaw University, Division 2
22. Ronnie Moss, Senior, Texas Wesleyan, NAIA Division 1
23. DJ Rivera, Senior, Montevallo, Division 2
24. Isaac Thornton, Junior, Fairmont St., Division 2
25. Sammy Emile, Senior, Mars Hill, Division 2
26. Cedric Harris, Sophomore, West Liberty, Division 2
27. Steve Custis, Senior, Fairmont St., Division 2
28. Da'Ron Sims, Senior, West Georgia, Division 2
29. Marquise Mems, Senior, Tougaloo, NAIA Division 1
30. Fayzon Richey, Junior, Saint Gregory's, NAIA Division 1

[Pictures: AJ Matthews (Source: Farmingdale St. Website), Cardell McFarland (Source: Twitter Picture), Jet Chang (Source:]

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  1. Bellarmine's junior guard Chris Dowe can fill it up with the best of them and the athleticism for the next level; he needs to be on this list somewhere.