Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kansas vs. Boston College

Boston College
Tyrelle Blair
- Blair has developed into a serious threat on the defensive end. He blocked shots in this contest and really contested Kansas’s attacking offense. He has a nice midrange arsenal and is capable of scoring inside against anyone in the country due to his knack for post positioning. With an improved mid range game, Blair has become a serious threat from the offensive end. He should receive some looks from scouts at the end of the season despite being undersized for a big man.

Rakim Sanders- This freshman had an impressive showing in this game. He never really forced his shot throughout the game. But, he was able to nail open three point shots and attack the basket relentlessly. His body is extremely developed for a freshman and allows him to create space against virtually any defender. Sanders’s natural athleticism allows him to get off the floor quickly and dribble around players for the finish. In this contest specifically, Sanders was the most steady weapon from the perimeter and most athletic attacking the hoop. On defense, Sanders is able to contain offensive weapons due to his strong upper body and nice size for a perimeter player. Sanders will have a nice future in this BC system and should develop into a serious prospect.

Tyrese Rice- Rice looked good early in this contest, shooting a high percentage from the floor and strongly attacking the basket. Despite his world class quickness, he was unable to stay in front of his man on defense and picked up four fouls early in the second half. He still needs to improve this element of his game. On the offensive end, Rice was able to shoot from the outside, but made poor decisions in the second half, earning him a spot on the bench. He attacked the basket relentlessly, but was bothered by the longer Chalmers.

John Oates- Oates has been a surprise for his BC squad. Although early in the season he looked hesitant on the offensive end, Oates was hampered by a stress fracture. Yet, he picked up his offensive production in this contest. His offensive game is reminiscent of a Kevin Pittsnogle type of player. He thrives with the flex cut, yet is able to step out and hit his long range shot in rhythm. His defensive game is still coming along, but he has not been a total liability.

Darnell Jackson
- Jackson has improved tremendously over his four years in college. He now employs his muscular upper body to create space when attacking in the lane. Jackson has excellent athleticism and is able to get up for an alley oop. He also has bought into the Kansas team defense and is beginning to block shots. Jackson, though a bit undersized, is able to run the floor with the best of the Kansas offense. Of late, he has become a serious threat, leading his team in scoring. He can be a bull in a China shop, attacking the defender directly. Or, Jackson can use his developed post moves to maneuver around the opposition- which is noteworthy for a player at his size.

Sasha Kaun- Kaun has improved his free throw shooting recently, but has never really sustained a consistent stroke from the line. Kaun has the length and post moves to be a successful player at the next level. His numbers have not been all that impressive this year, but he is able to block shots and draw charges. Kaun is fundamentally sound, able to employ virtually any post move- ranging from the jump hook to the drop step. Overall, his post offense is a complete arsenal. His size at 6’11 should help him make an NBA roster. On the defensive end, besides blocking shots, Kaun is able to pressure his offensive man in the post and hold his ground.

Rodrick Stewart- Stewart has not received as much playing time since the return of Brandon Rush. However, Stewart has performed well in the rather limited minutes he has received. Stewart is extremely unselfish and has bought into Bill Self’s philosophy. He has made some impressive alley oops to his teammates and is able to score in his own right. Besides his selfless nature on the offensive end, Stewart is still an impressive shooter from the perimeter. He can slash to the basket as well and has become a considerable offensive threat. On the defensive end, he is not as impressive as some of his teammates. Still, he works hard to get in front of screens and fits into the Kansas defensive scheme.

Mario Chalmers- Chalmers is one of the best defensive players in the country. His length bothers virtually every player at this level of the game. He has extremely quick feet to compliment his physical gifts. Chalmers is capable of playing the point guard position at the next level because he has excellent court vision on the offensive end and considerable size. He has a steady ball handling ability and is able to attack the basket.

Cole Aldrich- This freshman demonstrated why he is an intriguing prospect. This 7 footer is a defensive presence, who blocks shots virtually at will. He sticks with his man and is able to alter the opponents’ shots. On the offensive end, his scoring is virtually nonexistent at this point. But, he has plenty of time to become a threat at this end.

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