Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Post: My minor league fantasy team commentary

Finally, my first post. I'll try to update with articles I wrote prior to the creation of this blog.

Here was my minor league fantasy squad, the Greenland Purple Frogs, with commentary on my selected players:

Pick #1
Name: Marcus Brown
born: April 3, 1974

He is arguably the top American overseas right now. He consistently makes All Euroleague squads and is arguably the top guard not in the NBA right now.

-Excellent long range shooter: one of the best in the world
-Nice perimeter scorer
-Nice slasher
-Good passer
-Solid defensively
-Excellent leader
-Steps his game up in big time situations and has been especially successful CSKA in Euroleague

-A bit short at the 2 guard
-Probably could improve a little bit on defense

Pick #2
Name: Aqqualyuk Zyng
born: -

No Photo Available

-local product
-6'8 with shot blocking ability
-can steal
-decent three point shooter with range

-no professional experience
-merely a publicity stunt pick
-probable misspelling of name by me

Pick #3
Name: Horace Jenkins
born: October 14, 1974

-has a great deal of experience in Europe and some in the NBA
-extremely athletic
-explosive dunker for his height
-nice passer
-great slasher/scorer

-somewhat past his prime
-a bit on the small side

Pick #4
Name: Michael Hicks
born: 1976 (not sure exact date)

-World Championship experience where he was the leader of his Panamanian squad
-Excellent at slashing to the hoop
-strong player who thrives getting past guys
-Has a great deal of experience playing in Italy and France
-Solid rebounder for a guard

-Not a great shooter
-Undersized and cannot double at the point

Pick #5
Name: Alvin Young
born: December 11, 1975

-Tons of experience
-One of the top scoring guards overseas
-Solid shooter
-Nice amount of steals
-Good from long distance

-The classic case of a SG in a PG's body
-No great passing ability

Pick #6
Name: Troy Bell
born: November 10, 1980

-Great scoring guard
-Can shoot
-Can drive to the basket
-NBA experience
-Great leader

-Scoring PG
-Not a great passer
-Streaky shooter

Pick #7
Name: Thomas Hamilton
born: April 3, 1975

-Enormous 7 footer who clogs the middle
-Shaq-like size
-solid shot blocker and defensive force
-decent post moves

-Extremely slow

Pick #8
Name: Terrell Bell
born: -

No Photo Available

-Great height (6'11)
-Excellent experience overseas
-Solid rebounder
-Defensive Presence

-Not much of a scorer

Pick #9
Name: Rodrick Rhodes
born: September 24, 1973

-great scorer
-capable of playing and defending SG/SF
-NBA experience
-coaching mindset (now is working as coach)
-can beat his man off the dribble
-excellent defender

-a little selfish at times
-not a great jump shooter

Pick #10
Name: Cedrick Banks
born: December 16, 1981

-Excellent dead on three point shooter
-Excellent shooter in general
-Nice fadeaway shot
-Good rebounder for his size
-Solid passer
-Good defensively
-Nice slashing ability
-Solid athleticism

-Sometimes streaky and shows up at random points
-Undersized 2 guard

Round 2 Picks:
Jon Stefansson

He has excellent height for a PG. He can shoot the ball and has solid fundamentals. He is pretty athletic and is capable of playing both guard spots. He can distribute the ball. Jon is relatively young and thus has room to improve.

Darnell Robinson
No Pic Available

He has great height for a big man. Darnell's strengths are typical for a top ranking former college big man- he is a great rebounder and shot blocker. His offensive ability isn't half bad either, but he thrives on the defensive end of the floor- snatching rebounds and blocking shots.

Zoran Viskovic

Zoran has a great deal of experience overseas. He brings interior height and length to my squad. Zoran is solid defensively as well and is an adept rebounder.

Terrence Todd

Todd is a solid shooter with a very nice midrange game. He can handle the ball and possesses a unique slashing ability. He is a typical SG stuck in a PGs body. He has been molded to play the PG position his last year in college and has been successful due in large part to his solid court vision.

Justin Gainey

Justin was one of the most clutch players in the history of the ACC and maybe in all of college basketball. He was a constant winner that hit shot after shot with the game on the line. I remember when he single handedly scored over 5 points (give or take) with less than 30 seconds left. He takes over games in the clutch and wills his team to win. He is a very steady passer as well. I consider him a Reggie Miller type player for this team. (he's not a star though, I would consider him the PG version of Robert Horry- in other words, a clutch role player)

Abe Edwards
No Pic Available

At one point, he was a top JUCO prospect. He is a small, steady PG who will bring a lot of energy to this squad.

Zakee Smith

This guy is the consummate PG who is a great leader and passer. He is a solid role player to have on the squad.

Guus Steens
No Pic Available

Has some solid height for a big man and is fundamentally sound. His experience overseas will help this team succeed.

Tony Irons

He is a solid three point shooter at the PG position. He can pass the ball and lead his squad to decisive victories.

Kelvin Davis

He is a great defender that plays with a lot of heart and intensity. He's also the oldest professional basketball player.

Round 3 Picks:
Michael Ford

He is a consumate PG who is also an excellent and capable scorer. He can lead a team in many different areas.

Leon Brisport

He is capable of playing either the center or PF spots. He shoots an excellent percentage from the field and is a double double waiting to happen.

Jakob Sigurdarson

He is an excellent shooter that is capable of playing the two or the three. He can also pass.

Derick Andrew

He is a typical combo guard who can play some PG when called upon. He is a solid but streaky shooter who can slash. He is also a decent passer.

Currie Yutzy

Currie is a solid guard who has minor league experience and can fill up the scoring column in a hurry. He can lead his team to victory even when he is not the number one or two option. This was seen last year when he played for Colorado in the IBL.

Jason Wright
No Pic Available

Jason is a steady PG who can lead a team to victory with his outside shooting and dishing. He is a smart player and thus is the type of role player my team needs.

Kenny Minor

He plays with a lot of heart and intensity. Kenny is a tenacious defender who is one of the best defensive PGs under 5'10.

Vladimir Ryzhov
No Pic Available

He is a versatile SF that is capable of stepping out to hit the three and driving inside. He has solid experience and fundamentals. He also played with Michael Hicks and this could build chemistry.

James Lattimore
No Pic Available

James is a former NJ high school legend that never played college ball. But, he is one of the most athletic PGs around. Although he is far under 6 feet, he is lightning speed and dunking ability make up for this. He can shoot from the perimeter and is all over the court with his hustle plays.

Lance Takaki

Lance is an undersized PG who plays with a lot of heart. His leadership ability will be key in the minutes he receives and on the bench, where he could act as a mentor to younger players.

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